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Now is the perfect time to be a lefty.  I don’t know if there has been a better time to be a lefty, but now seems like the perfect time.  When in history has network news channels and some cable new channels provided cover for the lefties?  When has there been a time in recent memory where stories of national and political implication go unpublished?  Who can remember a time when a convicted murderer was given more air time because his vein blew and the death injection didn’t go as planned than the victim at the hands of this murderer who fought for her life after being shot and buried alive?  The only reason the coverage was so lopsided was because it fits the narrative of the left who are generally against capital punishment.  Nevermind the details of this gruesome murder.  Forget the pain and suffering the victim and her family have endured.  Let’s instead focus on how inhumane capital punishment is and spotlight a botched execution, wanting us to feel sorry for the murderer whose body jerked on the table for a while before suffering a heart attack.  Was there justice for this crime?  Yes.  Was there closure for the victim’s family?  Yes.  Where’s the perspective?

While the country is more polarized than ever, thanks to the never-ending cry from the left about income inequality, the war on women and minimum wage our country’s workforce continues to shrink.  The new normal is that there’s more new fast food jobs than new jobs in the professional ranks.  When has a president used two state of the union addresses to indicate his top priority is jobs.  The facts, in terms of focus and action seem to contradict that priority.  What we have is a president who makes speeches around the country and the world espousing rhetoric about inequality, policies that place women at a disadvantage, and apologizing for the United States for its goal of human rights and using its power to affect positive change.  When the facts are that in his own offices, he pays females less, and has both male and female unpaid interns.  The rhetoric doesn’t match the action because he’s done nothing to make a difference about either.

This executive officer has taken advantage of national stories regarding racism and bigotry to make speeches taking sides, and not using his power to affect change for the better.  He’s silent about abortion doctors like Kermit Gosnell, but picks and chooses those that fit into his narrative about racial injustice, e.g., George Zimmerman, police Sgt. James Crowley and Donald Sterling.  How many babies did Gosnell abort?  “40,000”, said Gosnell at his trial.  I wonder how many were black?  Talk about racial injustice?  Where was the media?  Well they were covering the Jodie Arias trial, which had a bigger national implication.

It seems if you’re a lefty you can make offensive racial comments with abandon.  You see, if you’re a lefty that means you’re enlightened.  You’re more informed than those that may not agree with you, and you have the trump card always at hand.  And that card of course, is, “You’re a racist” card.  If you disagree with a lefty, you’re easily misinformed, unenlightened and a racist.  And their main reason for that is because you probably voted for George Bush.  That’s it.  End of story.

If you want real immigration reform, which includes a border fence of some sort, you’re a racist.  If you want those that vote in the United States to show they are citizens you’re a racist.  If you believe in the biblical institution of marriage between a man and a woman, you’re intolerant and a homophobe.  If you want schools to teach abstinence you have your head so far up your rear end you’ll never see the light of day or the light the lefties espouse.

It’s a great time to be a lefty.  I might join their ranks so I can say what I want, regardless if it’s racist or not, because I know the media will cover for me and I’ll be in such good company of those more enlightened.  My gaffes and missteps will be covered up or explained away and I won’t be held accountable.  My sins will be forgiven and I’ll be able to keep my stature with the lefties.  I’ll be heralded.   Only a leftie could be found guilty of lying and using the oval office for sexual romps, be sued by several women for sexual impropriety, be impeached and still be held up by the many arms of lefties.  Afterall, come on, he’s a flawed human being worthy of our forgiveness because he’s one of us.  

When will it end.  Yes, when will it end?