I guess this is where we are these days.

I guess this is where we are these days. We’ve accepted ransomware as a business transaction and thus we need to try to defer those costs, instead of having timely data backups and effective on-going employee education, as they are the weakest link to ransomware success. http://ow.ly/N7Ql30gCqXM


“The Sedona Conference is a nonprofit r

“The Sedona Conference is a nonprofit research and educational institute dedicated to the advanced study of various legal issues. It publishes the “Sedona Principles,” arguably the authority on modern e-discovery issues. However, the Principles, originally published in 2003, had not been overhauled since 2007.”
Full article and Sedona publication can be found here:

On one hand, it is difficult for produci

On one hand, it is difficult for producing parties to respond to the classic, “any and all documents, which in any way relate to…” request and on the other, it is impossible to fully comprehend the boiler plate objections “…to the extent that they are overbroad, unduly burdensome, repetitive, ambiguous, oppressive, vague, improper, and/or seek information or production of documents not relevant to the claims or defenses of any party and not reasonably calculated…” http://ow.ly/kB5h30fQRZa